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Laser TE N2 Spectra Physics

The Spectra-Physics VSL337ND-S is a versatile laser providing

up to 260 μJ pulses at up to 30 Hz continuously, and in bursts

of up to 60 Hz. The output is near-diffraction-limited and

produces a collimated beam than can be focused to a <3 μm

diameter spot with an energy density of 4.5 kJ/cm2 for precise

micro-dissection. It comes with a burst-mode input for gating

the trigger signal, plus a sync-signal output. For precise timing

requirements, it has an OptoSync TTL output derived from the

detected laser pulse itself, with sub-nanosecond jitter.

Visualisation of the plasma between the discharge electrode in the laser cavity of a TE N2 laser from SPECTRA PHYSICS model VSL337NDS.
The beam at the output window is 8x8 mm2.
The divergence 0.5 mrad peak power 75 kW
The brightness 3.3 E 12 W/

Video en HD

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