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Laser à diode de 115W OPTO POWER

Diode laser OPTOPOWER de 115W

Opto Power Corporation has also achieved the highest power density ever from a single, monolithic diode laser array at 808 nm. In this case, over 115 watts of CW optical power (at 125 amps drive current) was obtained from a device with an emitting aperture of only 2600 µm (26% fill factor). This is the highest output power yet produced from such low fill factor array. Once again, the laser was mounted on an Opto Power Corporation Monsoon heat sink, and operated with a coolant temperature of 20°C.
"Opto Power Corporation is committed to remaining the technology leader in high power diode laser technology," states Rushi Patel, Vice President of Engineering. "These most recent, record breaking results clearly demonstrate the capabilities of the materials and heatsinks used in Opto Power


Currently the maximum demonstrated output power of a 10-mm-wide semiconductor laser bar exceeds the 260 W level when assembled on an actively cooled heat sink. (The rated power is in the range of 50-100 W). Power levels in the kilowatt range can be reached by stacking such devices. The requirements on the stacking technique and the optic assembly to achieve high brightness are discussed. Optics for beam collimation in fast and slow axis are compared. An example for an optical setup to use in materials processing will be shown. Spot sizes as low as 0.4 mm×1.2 mm at a numerical aperture of 0.3 and output power of 1 kW are demonstrated. This results in a power density of more than 200 kW/cm2. A setup for further increase in brightness by wavelength and polarization coupling will be outlined.


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