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Laser à colorant pompé par laser à argon Mod:380

Single frequency Dye Ring laser from Spectra Physics.

This laser is pumped with an Argon Ion Laser of 8W. Dye Ring laser represents a revolutionary concept in CW dye Lasers. Its stable,single frequency, high power output makes it an ideal tool for applications such as isotope separation, nonlinear mixing, high resolution spectroscopy, optical pumping, CW CARS and other experiments which require intense narrow band width light. 60% output of the pump power, 30 GHz scan rang and 1 MHz Linewidth.

 TEM 00 output beam
200MHz cavity mode spacing. Posibility of intracavity frequency doubling 215 to
240 nm UV beam (20 mW)  with 8W pumping

Video en HD

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