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026 Laser à colorant pompé par tube flash ablatif

  In 1976, CERN ask me  to develop a pulsed laser for illumination of bubble chambers used to photograph the traces  produced by the ionizing particles.
To meet these conditions, the laser must have a maximum spectral width
  to avoid the speckle effect.

A speckle pattern is a random intensity pattern produced by the mutual interference of a set of wavefronts.

To reduce the speckel effecte the laser muss have the follows caracteristics :

Broad spectral width          No polarised output           Superradiant emission               Vibration of the laser medium

All this 4 conditions will be satisfied with a microsecond wall ablation flashlamp pumped Dye laser.

The Rhodamine 590 dye has a spectral bandwidth of 80 nm the superradiant amplification was achieved by using a long and small diameter quartz tube containing the laser dye in methanol.

No resonator was used only a rear mirror and a flat antireflexion output coupler .

The vibration of the laser medium is favorized by the very high shock waves during the ablation

Of the flash wall in 1 microsecond. The laser emission is 500 nanoseconds and 300 mJ ( 600kW)

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