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020 TEA N2 osc+2 ampli MOPA1000

In 1981 when Arnold leaves the Battelle Institute in Geneva  he founded MULTILASERS in Geneva.
During four years it develops and markets nitrogen lasers  producing  diffraction limited beam specially designed for the calibration of the drift chamber and streamer chambers.
More than 60 MOPALITE nitrogen lasers are used  world wide ( CERN, FERMILAB, KEK,MIT,ORSAY.....)
The MOPALITE family consists of a COMPACT pulsed nitrogen laser with VERY SMALL beam DIVERGENCE, SMALL beam CROSS SECTION and PICOSECOND PULSES.
The MOPA system permit a 2000 times increase in brightness (W/ compared with a normal TEA nitrogen laser. The extremely high brightness  of MOPALITE laser is achieved by a design feature unique among existing super-radiant lasers. Two independent laser section are activated with a time delay of about 300 picoseconds and a special design suppresses the optical delay line. (Patented)
The first discharge section  MO ( Master Oscillator) is beam divergence selected and injected in to the second discharge section PA (Power Amplifier) and polarised with a glan Thomson polariser and injected in a third amplifier to obtain a high output power with a high spatial coherence.

this nitrogen laser is the world's most powerful produced !

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